About us

We are a team of two fascinated guys Mustapha M. and Mustapha B. we born and raised in Desert South-East of Morocco , we love to travel around our beautiful country Morocco and meet new people from over the world sharing our the beautiful moments so we invite you to visit us, Our team is committed to operating outstanding day trips, desert trips and tours with high quality and reasonable prices.“There is Life in the Desert ” every morning promises a new different one, in the evenings the fascinating western sunlight approaches us slowly to the silent starry night . We offer a unique and professional service giving you the opportunity to experience the best of Morocco. Our excursions are always about meeting and exchanging with the people, life, and culture of the Berbers who live in several villages you’ll have the chance to visit with us. We believe that the best way to explore authentic and original Morocco is going out of Casa Blanca or Marrakech, taking one of our day trips or tours.